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    Indigo Garments owned by Lara Wells who with her passion and work in the fashion industry and personal experience with the recovery process, designs quality products that provide support for back pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, heart and vein issues, maternity wear and shapewear for any occasion while maintaining elegance and unsurpassed comfort. Indigo Garments are the finest, handmade, medical grade compression garments available. These garments are comfortable, supportive, functional, luxurious and flattering during pregnancy, post pregnancy and post-surgery. Whether you want compression socks, abdominal compression garments, mommy makeover compression garment, gynecomastia compression garments, lymphedema compression garments or post-surgical compression garments you can find the finest, handmade and medical grade compression garments with Indigo Garments. For further information visit https://www.indigogarments.io/

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    If you’re going in for a tummy tuck, liposuction, or other abdominal surgery, your specialist will suggest you wear abdominal compression garments during your postoperative recovery period. Abdominal compression is an important part of your recovery, as they help to decrease swelling, support...
    Pressure treatment regimes and practices are an important part of lymphedema compression, which is especially important during your post-surgical recovery period. Cushioned bandages, compression clothing, and customized compression garments, can be used for lymphedema compression. Compression...
    Have you undergone liposuction recently and your doctor advised you to wear post surgical compression garments? But you are not sure what compression garments are and how to find the right one? Then the following post is just meant for you! Just have a look. What are compression garments? ...
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